Tina’s Campaign Pillars

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Provide a unique perspective given my life experiences as a woman of color.

Ensure that all people in Needham feel seen, heard and respected.

Continue to progress toward a fully anti-racist community that values upstanding rather than bystanding.

Economic Development

Engage with our local businesses to better understand their needs and challenges.

Attract and retain a diverse range of new ventures, and promote growth within the small-business sector, the engine of Needham’s local economy.

Explore ways to market and promote our town as an even more enticing destination for retail, dining and other businesses and attractions.


Support the School Committee in its efforts to:
Execute the Portrait Of A Needham Graduate Strategic Plan;
Strive for equity and inclusion across all facets of the Needham Public Schools;
Improve our educational infrastructure and development.


Advocate for increased affordable housing.

Examine sustainable methods of development to mitigate negative environmental impact.

Environmental Sustainability

Address the effects of climate change through immediate small steps, and tackle longer term future projects.

Protect Needham’s local natural treasures and greenspaces, with an eye toward acquiring more open space, particularly in Needham’s vulnerable floodplain.

Thoughtfully consider how residential and commercial development impact our environment.

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