Emerson Ward and Finlay McKeon – Neeham High School Class of 2024 & Needham Human Rights Committee

Our names are Emme and Finn, and we have served with Tina on the Needham Human Rights Committee since our sophomore year. As students, joining NHRC was an exciting yet intimidating opportunity. Nonetheless, Tina welcomed us with open arms and treated us as though we were her peers. She valued our voices and did not shy away from including us in important conversations. She challenges us to engage ourselves, but she also respects and trusts our judgment. Anyone in NHRC would agree that things would not run the same without Tina’s voice and leadership. With that being said, we could not imagine a more suitable person to take on the Select Board role. We have seen Tina conduct and lead events, initiatives, and conversations which have been instrumental in upholding the wellbeing of our community. Tina always serves with others in mind. She is constantly taking in the viewpoints of others, while also generating innovative ideas of her own. As young people in this community, we want our town legislature to be made up of integrity and credibility, and Tina Burgos carries both those things. Not to mention, she is funny, cool, and always a pleasure to be around. We look up to her as a role model for her commitment to serving others, and we encourage everyone to trust in Tina!

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