I look forward to hearing what’s important to you. Here are some of my thoughts on key topics I’ve been discussing with fellow residents.


Housing affordability is a critical regional issue, and Needham must do its part to help create solutions. I am a strong advocate for housing affordability and support the town’s work to allow additional multifamily housing under the MBTA Communities Act. While we must consider the interests and concerns of affected neighborhoods as well as the town as a whole, this is an achievable goal. It is important that every community share in countering the lack of affordable housing, and creating more housing is the first step to affordability. 

Socioeconomics play a critical part in the fabric of a community, and we should be planning for affordable housing to meet the needs of a wider-ranging demographic. Supporting the work of the Needham Housing Authority with deeply affordable housing is one piece of the puzzle. We must create zoning relief for the Linden-Chambers redevelopment, leverage funding through the Community Preservation Act, and advocate with state and federal agencies to navigate this complex process. 

Fiscally Responsible Progress

We need to exercise financial discipline to maintain a balanced budget. I am all too familiar with this exercise as I am constantly striving to maintain economic health in my small business. Not only do I need to plan for immediate needs but it is equally imperative for me to anticipate any future situations and challenges I may encounter.  

As a community, we need to keep moving forward. Finding the balance between progress and spending, however, is a challenge, and we face growing necessary expenses for long-term projects. We will need to have thoughtful and inclusive conversations about how we can best serve our current and future needs without overburdening residents. Town government has to carefully balance resources against priorities to get the best value and cultivate a strong and healthy future for Needham.

Valuing our Schools

Needham has excellent public schools. I support the School Committee’s efforts to execute the Portrait of a Needham Graduate Strategic Plan, strive for equity and inclusion across all facets of the Needham Public Schools, improve our educational infrastructure and development, particularly with regards to the renovation and rebuilding efforts of the Pollard and Mitchell schools. 

My husband and I moved to Needham, like many residents, because of the outstanding schools. The education and opportunities that have been afforded to my daughters have been invaluable, and I would like to build upon the strengths of our schools, not only for my kids and their generation, but for all future families to come.

Quiet Zone

I support Needham becoming a Quiet Zone, and if elected, I look forward to continuing the work that the Select Board and the Quiet Zone Working Group have done to move the goal forward. The initiative makes sense in so many ways for our town. Improving our rail crossing infrastructure will allow us to quiet the blaring, non-emergency, routine horn sounds while always allowing the conductor to sound the horn when necessary. A Needham Quiet Zone will significantly benefit our town by improving the quality of life for residents, visitors, and businesses.

Climate and Sustainability

I am committed to an even more environmentally sustainable Needham.

Climate change is a growing threat to the wellbeing of all people. We are experiencing this through warmer temperatures, increased drought, and severe rainfall. 

At the local level, we not only need to support state, national and international efforts, but also address the elements we can control in our own backyards. I support Needham’s commitment to reducing fossil fuel emissions, moving the town’s Climate Action Plan forward, and infrastructure improvements to better manage stormwater and other environmental changes.


My lived experience is as a Filipina woman. I know how important representation is to building a strong community. When residents see themselves reflected in their leaders it makes Needham a more welcoming place to live and strengthens the support of everyone who lives and works here. The lived experiences of people of color are valuable and contribute a perspective that helps shape solutions. We’re not going to be able to solve everybody’s problems or challenges, but we have to make sure we maintain open, respectful communication to understand what those challenges are and try to find the best solutions for everyone.

Economic Development

As a small business owner, I moved my store out of Needham in 2022 because it wasn’t thriving in its location on Great Plain Avenue. I understand the needs and challenges of our business owners in town and want to engage more fully with the business community to promote growth. These businesses are the engine of Needham’s local economy. We need to explore ways not only to attract, but to retain a diverse mix of business in town. Our housing plan should encourage more mixed use and apartment development in our retail centers, increasing walkability, a vibrant streetscape, and access to services and public transportation.

Supporting our Diverse Community

Needham is an increasingly diverse community. This was never more evident than at the Multicultural Festival held at Town Hall last year where many different cultural and ethnic groups were represented. Groups sometimes feel invisible, so we need to do a better job of helping residents become aware of one another because I believe Needham residents value diversity and that sense of belonging.  

My work on the Needham Human Rights Committee and the REAL Coalition has focused on building those bridges and finding common ground to resolve issues, build mutual understanding, and establish connections that can help solve problems for the good of all.

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